Granja Petitbo – Barcelona

A treasure but not a hidden gem. Described by many others, yet positive every time so definitely worth a try. We had lunch at Granja Petitbo. Some highly friendly men took care of our dinner moment. A bit hipster but in the good way.  We ordered vegetarian lasagna, ceasar salad, waffle with pastrami and a…

Arzak – San Sebastian

Our evening in restaurant Arzak in San Sebastian was the best michelin star experience we ever had.

Le Deuxième élément – Brussels

You know the Thai restaurants that serve the real stuff, the authentic Thai food? If so, you probably also know the Thai restaurants that create new Thai dishes. They use local flavors or experiment in many ways.  It’s not always easy to find the first ones, nor find a good one of the latter in…

Ippudo – Kyoto

IPPUDO Japanes ramen noodles – kyoto I’m not a fan of restaurant chains. Japan has changed my point of view on that. You can find Ippudo in NY, Malaysia, Sydney, Londen,… But our first visit was in Kyoto. After some days in Japan, we’ve got used to waiting in line, because that included the promise…

Armando al Pantheon – Rome

The opposite of the tourist trap: excellent value for money, authentic food, great service and all that right in the center of historic Rome. This pretty much sums up Armando al Pantheon. This is the place to taste all the roman classics. We went for Spaghetti alla carbonara, Melanzane, Roman style artichokes, Saltimbocca alla Romana, etc….