Ernst – Berlin

An epic culinary experience.

I couldn’t find any other superlatives but I’m afraid it can’t get better than this. By a stroke of luck we got the last 2 seats at the counter that hosts a maximum of 12 people. Expectations were high but when we stood in front of this ugly building in a partly derelict neighbourhood of Berlin we were wondering if were at the right address. An iron door and closed curtains gave the feeling of a secret watering hole. After ringing, the door opened and a young crowd , styled as if they came from a Kinfolk shooting, one by one greeted us and made us feel at home.

Purity and friends

Once seated around the open kitchen a young Canadian chef came over to have a chat and explained that we would be getting a lot of food and very fast. He was not wrong. A symphony of 30 something dishes followed eachother. It was marvellous. Never had I appreciated a leaf of lettuce like this, or had ricotta that tasted this pure … every dish was near perfection in its purity. And each dish came with a story of the origin of its products. Wheter it was the fruits from their favorite gardener, Baca I think they called her, in Sicily or the beans about an hour from Berlin even the winemakers all seemed to be friends with one of the chefs and shared the same passion for purity and taste.

Young and talented

This young team of chefs all came from top restaurants and were able to create a culinary novelty. On top of that they were all genuinly nice, kind and warm. We left the restaurant not only with a fantastic feeling of having eaten at one of the best restaurants in the world but also with a list of musea, a list of other restaurants and the email to get into another hard-to-get-into restaurant… all tips from these amazing people who gave a night to remember forever. Thanks guys!PS. For the canadian chef who wanted to go work at Chambre Separée, remember you guys are even better.Restaurant Ernst

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