Roscioli – Rome

Roscioli, nearby the Campo de’ Fiori, has a salumeria, bakery and restaurant with an extensive wine list. Salumeria Roscioli Via dei Giubbonari, 21 00186 Rome (+39) 06 6875287 / (+39) 333 7780024 (Alessandro Pepe)

Forno Campo de’ Fiori – Rome

It’s hard to say, but we think we have found the 2 places in Rome with – even though very different styles – the best, most delicious, great tasting pizzas: Pizzarium and Forno Campo de’ Fiori. If you go to the corner of Campo de’ Fiori, you’ll find a small bakery. You cannot miss it, because…

Grano, Frutta e farina bakery – Rome

Grano, Frutta e farina was our little energybooster when discovering the shopping district. You can find there pizza but also sweets, desserts and bread. You can chose your yoghurt (light or normal), chose the fruits and grains to add, as well as toppings like chia seeds or nuts. Grano, Frutta e Farina Via della Croce 49/A…

Il mondo di Laura – Rome

Even though my cookies have a vast fan base, I wonder if I will be able to compete with these delicious cookies from Laura. They are made without butter or milk, but taste great. They even sell a ready-to-bake-mix of their most popular pastry. A must-try: the cinnamon rolls.