Enoteca Cul de sac – Rome

It all comes together in the Enoteca Cul de sac. Hospitality, great wines and superb food. And most of all, for far less money than you expect.     Enoteca Cul de sac Piazza Pasquino 73 (Piazza Navona) 00186 Rome +39 668801094 info@enotecaculdesacroma.it  

La Zanzara – Rome

We were on our way to find something to eat. Convinced that we wouldn’t find it there. Too close to the Vatican crowed that we just escaped after our visit. We passed by. And we returned. There was an Italian buzz,  a terrace with 2 free tables, a nice interior. A lot of Italians took…

Armando al Pantheon – Rome

The opposite of the tourist trap: excellent value for money, authentic food, great service and all that right in the center of historic Rome. This pretty much sums up Armando al Pantheon. This is the place to taste all the roman classics. We went for Spaghetti alla carbonara, Melanzane, Roman style artichokes, Saltimbocca alla Romana, etc….

Is Pizzarium the best Roman Pizza? – Rome

Many say the pizzas at Pizzarium from Gabriele Bonci are the best you can find. What do you think? We are still hesitating between this place and the more traditional pizzas at Forno Campo de’ Fiori . We went for both and we think you should too. Go to Forno for a taste of pure roman pizza tradition and…