Arzak – San Sebastian

Our evening in restaurant Arzak in San Sebastian was the best – 3 – Michelin star experience we ever had.

It started with a warm welcome from every staff member. Even Elena Arzak, owner and chef, personally made sure that we had everything we desired. Elena Arzak told us passionately about where she gets her inspiration. Amongst other things, she explained the story behind our favourite dish that night; the space egg. A red, semi raw egg, covered in red pepper dust and completed with some small edible flowers. A tribute to her grand parents for whom eggs where an expensive and luxurious product back in the days.

arzak space egg dish
Arzak space egg

The tasting menu contained 5 appetisers and 5 dishes for 205€.

Everything was just right: high-quality, surprising and balanced down to the last detail. The atmosphere is chique and makes you feel at ease at the same time. A wonderful detail I never saw before and that I will ever forget: when you leave your place for a short moment, one of the waiters come over with two spoons and they start folding the napkin without touching it with their hands.

The waiters were professional, friendly and warm, the food came in time, not in a rush, just in time. Portions and flavours are balanced. The wine list excellent, containing expensive but great wines as well as amazing and affordable local wines.

Dumpling with black pudding, beer and mango on a beer can
Fish of the day with purple popcorn
Fish dish Arzak restaurant
Fish according to the sea
Ice cream to finish
Arzak restaurant menu of that day
The menu


Restaurant Arzak 

Avda. Alcalde Elósegui 273
20015 Donostia – San Sebastián

T. +34 943 278 465 / +34 943 285 593


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