Ippudo – Kyoto

IPPUDO Japanes ramen noodles – kyoto

I’m not a fan of restaurant chains. Japan has changed my point of view on that.
You can find Ippudo in NY, Malaysia, Sydney, Londen,… But our first visit was in Kyoto.
After some days in Japan, we’ve got used to waiting in line, because that included the promise of good food. (which was not always the case, by the way. But it definitely was here)

The menu is not very extensive: 3 styles of ramen, and a lot of options you can choose from if you would like an extra egg, meat, etc.

We picked home made gyoza and a traditional and modern bowl ramen noodles from menu.

It was extremely delicious and simple. The gyoza a must-try.

10 gyoza for 550yen – a bowl of ramen for 850yen

IMG_4849 IMG_4861 IMG_4862IMG_4866

Delicious home made gyoza. I order it every time, even if I’m not hungry, I can’t think of leaving the place without having eaten at least 1 of them.


Ramen in traditional (white plate) or modern style (red plate)


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  1. The Wadas says:

    God choice. It’s one of my favorite ramen places! Love that tonkotsu soup.

    Liked by 1 person

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