Marisco na Praca – Cascais

A buzzing restaurant in the food market of Cascais

When our surf teacher heard we love seafood, he told us about Marisco na Praca.

This seafood restaurant is located nearby Pateo do Petisco, in the food market of Cascais.

The market itself was slightly quiet. Probably because everyone was in this restaurant!

A buzzing sound from guests and waiters welcomes you when you enter the restaurant. On your left, the fresh fish lies quietly waiting for you in the icecold counter.

Fresh fish in counter

After receiving the usual cheese, bread and butter at our table, the waiter explained how it works. You just go to the counter, choose the fish you want and the way you want it to be prepared.

Lobster in hand of man

Fabulous seafood

Warning: you will want to eat it all. And so you will be ordering too much. Believe me, we did too. Trust on the nonverbal (wide open eyes) or verbal suggestions of the guy behind the counter to understand that you are ordering more than you will be able to eat. Or ask his advice.

The setting of the restaurant is relaxed, cosy, with a touch of a market hall.

Inside of the restaurantPeople eating

We ordered a plate of small shrimps to start, served with a spoonful of seasalt. After, actually more simultanuously, the oysters arrived.

Shrimps on a plateShells of shrimps Oysters and lemon

As main course, we shared a lobster of 1,3kg, grilled, two tiger prawns, also grilled and a mixed salad.

Grilled lobster

Our experience

It was more than we could eat, but we did finish it all.

It is definitely a must go, for the heartly and friendly staff, the place itself and of course the succulent food, right from the sea nextdoors.

Bottle of wineTable and olive oil

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