Humphrey – Brussels

When the sous-chef of Noma (once the best restaurant in the world according to several ‘lists’) comes to your hometown and opens a restaurant ,you book the first table you can get. At least that’s what I did when I read the news. We went on a Monday evening in the 2nd or 3rd week it was open.

The interior was nice with an open kitchen, wooden tables and comfortable chairs. Maybe a bit dark but very welcoming. But we were there for the food. The menu has 16 sharing plates and the advise was to go for about 5 to 8 per couple.


We started with the Crab Charlotte Potato Bisque together with the Asparagus Seaweed. This was a really good start. The asparagus still very crunchy but it worked well with the seaweed and the accompanying sauce. The Crab Bisque was for me the highlight of the evening, just loved the combination of tastes in this dish.


Then we were in for something completely different: chicken wings. They look just like any other chicken wing but I have to admit… they tasted very good. A bit spicy but not too much!


We followed with the catch of the day which was good but nothing special (maybe our expectations were a bit high when we came in of course).


After that we had the Pork Belly Kimchi and the Oxtail Stew. As you can see in the images, this was 3 dishes in a row with the exact same rice side dish. I would have expected a bit more variation to be honest. The pork belly as well as the oxtail were really nice but couldn’t live up to the expectations.


They have an small but eclectic wine and beer list to go with the food.

Staff is really nice and welcoming and all in all it’s a nice night out but only the Crab Bisque could really live up to the expectations.

Sint-Laurentstraat 36 , 1000 Brussels



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