BÚN – Antwerp

Their kitchen is open all day, but they only take reservations from 8PM onwards. So we jumped in at 7PM and got 2 places, at the bar. Our favourite place.

We only got until 8PM, because our seats where booked, they told us. But we agreed. It was tight, but we enjoyed our meals until the very last second.

BÚN was on our list since some time, and  we were oh so extremely hungry – and nearly hangry – so we ordered a starter and a main course. Even though one of us can eat like a horse,  we had a hard time eating all the food ( on top in a limited time span).

Deep fried rolls with Brasvar porc

We started with delicious deep fried rolls, filled with Brasvar porc (Chả giò thịt heo). The second entrée was a steamed bun, with ‘WVLR’ beef which stands for West Vlaams Rood Rund, a bovine from Belgium (Bánh bao). This big soft white ball of dough, filled with nice seasoned meat.

Steamed bun


It was a real asian explosion in our mouths. And there was more to come.

While taking the first bite of my main dish, we were back in Asia. We tasted the complexity of the seasoning like we savoured over there during our holidays two months ago. It was a blend of so many things, but so well coördinated.

It was a delectable experience.


Rice noodles with chicken


Rice noodles with grilled mackerel






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