Bangkok – Nahm

Locals and websites we had checked for references, told us going to Nahm is a great idea. It is the 5th best restaurant in Asia.
So we entered the restaurant with very high expectations.

Unfortunately, we ended the meal a bit dissapointed. The interior was ok, a bit dark, but cosy. Nothing special. Although the terrace must have been nicer, as it was alongside the swimming pool of hotel Metropolitan.
The food was good, but we expected mutch more. It lacked imagination and finesse you should be able to expect from the fifth best restaurant in Asia.
The same as the interior and food, the service was ok. Not bad but neither different from the hundreds of other good restaurants in Bangkok.
 The first amuse bouche was made of pineapple, pork and coriander. It didn’t open the tastebuds as an appetiser should do.

After that we got a plate with 4 appetisers. It was better, but lacked subtility. The four creations increased in spicyness: from dried pork meat, crab on a poped rice toast, scallops to crab in leaves.

The main course was a selection of the chef. We were 3 and received five dishes to share. The duck soup with mushrooms was very good. The fried shrimps lacked a memorable taste while some other dishes were so hot and spicy you had to stop eating for a while. Overall real good food, fresh ingredients and a nice setting. But not as good as we thought it would be.
If you decide to go, be aware that it can be a bit too spicy for Europeans. Even if you ask not spicy, it can get quite spicy.

Reservation needed


27 S Sathorn Rd, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand


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