Koffie en Staal – Leuven

Whoaw! How comfortable it is to have a coffee shop just around the corner. We jumped out of bed on Saturday morning. We showered, and locked the door behind us to have breakfast outside.
Koffie en Staal is situated a little bit out of the center of Leuven, in the Mechelsestraat. This neighborhood didn’t yet had a cosy and trendy coffee shop, so hey, we’re cheering this new kid on the block.
Tourists should find they way to it too: when visiting ‘Het Klein Begijnhof’, a lovely small street in Leuven, don’t stick to the well worn paths. Just behind the corner, you can enjoy a really good cup of coffee.

Koffie en Staal is not just a coffee shop. Like most of the latest coffee shops I visited, they combine their passions. In this case: coffee and steel. The coffee is – as I already said – delicious, but their own steel creations are lovely too. There are jewels you can buy, and some of the furniture they’ve made it themselves. Those bar stools and benches are for sale too.

So grap a steel and enjoy your meal: different sweets in the afternoon, breakfast (croissants, granola with yoghurt and fruit) in the morning.
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koffie en staal #2manyfoodiesIMG_6295IMG_6297
Koffie En Staal
Mechelsestraat 140, 3000 Leuven
Tuesday-Saturday / 10:00u – 18:00

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