De Superette – Ghent

This is one of our favourite places in Ghent. We used to live next doors and couldn’t have better neighbours than The Superette.

It’s a nice big space, where Rose Green kneads the dough and a talented barista serves you a heavenly coffee.
You can have breakfast, brunch (in the weekends), lunch or dinner. There’s a counter where you can take away your favorite coffee, bread or pastries.

The friendly staff explains the options for dinner: you can pick a dish, or share with your table companions. The menu does not explain you how your dish will be prepared, it just shows the different ingredients.
There’s always a suggestion for drinks, which again can surprise you in a very pleasant way. We once tried a gin & tonic cocktail based on wheat beer.

We’ve visited De Superette regularly, and every time they surprised us with new dishes made from real fresh ingredients. We less enjoyed the pizza: even though the taste is good, the pizza crust makes it too heavy.

At our latest lunch (see pictures below) we ordered a Caesar salad and a dish with pork belly, a soft cream, a salad with flageolets and potatoes. This was definitely a hit.
De Superette is a project of the famous Belgian chef Kobe Desramaults, Rose Green and Sarah Lemke. They totally changed the grocery shop ‘Superette Edwin’ that once was housed there, into a cosy place. Rough materials together with older elements, and lots of light give the restaurant a very distinctive style.

If you have the time, we would advise to visit it multiple times so you can enjoy the breakfast but also a lunch or dinner. Best to make reservations for dinner or brunch.


Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Address: Guldenspoorstraat 29, 9000 Ghent

Telephone: 09 278 08 08

  Ceasar salad

Pork belly with salad and potatoes


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