Umamido – Antwerp

Umamido positions itself as a non nonsense ramen noodle shop. And that’s what it is.

We had tried it once at Flagey in Brussels, but had a surprisingly better experience this time in Antwerp (Graaf Van Egmontstraat 57). Although the staff told us they all use the same broth, the same recipe, we might have had a bad day when we visited the shop in Brussels, so we promise to give it another chance next time.

Umamido Antwerp gave us a warm welcome, yummie gyoza and a kimchi pork bun to start with. The pork buns are really good and we would go back even if this was the only thing left on their menu. Afterwards we went for the tonkotsu ramen and kara miso ramen. Both were very tasty, with nice and fresh toppings. The wine was ok.

For Belgium this is defenitly one of the better ramen places.

You can find them in Brussels and Antwerp

Graaf Van Egmontstraat 57 – 2000 Antwerp




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