Porte 12 – Paris

The chef has travelled the world and it shows in everything at Porte 12. The staff, the clientelle, the food, the winelist and even the decor comes from all over the globe. To be honest it is 1 level below David Toutain but so is the pricetag. This guy knows his vegetables. His carottes and beetroots will stay in my mind forever. For dinner there is just one menu to take with or without matching wines. We took the one with matching wines which was good but not great. Most wines missed the subtelty or depth you might expect in this categorie of restaurants. Service is extremely good and friendly. We had several nice starters, one with aubergine crunch topped with edible flower, the first dish was the confit of beetroot wish was sublime, the carrots with gambas on the same level, then foi gras with mushrooms which was a bit overbearing, pigeonnot with mousse of pumpkin which was very good, the cheese and the first dessert was good but the last dessert with chocolate, beetroot and bamboo ash was again a bit over the top and missed subtelty.

All in all a good culinary experience but with a few dishes that go a bit overboard.

One last tip: don’t go during fashion week or you’ll be surrounded by strange looking and annoyingly loud guests who go for a smoke between every course.



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