David Toutain – Paris

Getting a table at David Toutin is hard. We were on the waiting list for a couple of weeks and finally got THE call. As you enter you immediately get influences from all around the globe: Staff and clientelle from varied backgrounds, ecclectic decor with hints from scandinavia, asia and even paintings from the chef’s wife (overheard from another table).  The food, how was the food? Ecclectic is the closest I get if i try to summarize. Some dishes were brilliant, others were strange in their combinations but one thing is certain: you will have an intense culinary experience. A few examples: a starter of ‘pastinaak’ like you have never tasted it and elevated to a star quality dish, an egg concotion with amazing taste coupled with the finest of parisian breads and brioches, Toutain’s signature dish of baked eel on japanese sesame sauce and apples is divine but serving it with cider would not have been my first choice and a dessert of vanilla, chocolate and … cauliflower, but it worked! Last but not least: the service is impeccable, warm and friendly. A must-go!

David Toutain – 29 rue de Surcouf 75007 Paris



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