Clamato – Paris

We just found our new favorite spot in Paris: Clamato! Again you can expect a line as they don’t take reservations but you must, MUST, wait! You will be served the best fish dishes you have ever tasted. This is the epithome of bistronomy! Simple and affordable dishes in a warm and cozy athomosphere but boy oh boy the food is divine in it’s simplicity. We started with goose neck barnacles served only with a bit of lemon. Afterwards we had tasting plates with novel fish combinations that were exquisite: mackerel with breadcrumbs, salad and oil, bonito with goat cheese and cucumber, dorade with raspberries ( and it worked), flamed yellow colliflower, salad of mais and flageolets… the one dish even better than the next. Even the wines by the glass were affodable and very good (try the VF Exile). Service is informal, knowledgeable and friendly and enhances the feeling that this is a place where foodlovees go… and not only foodsnobs. We’ll be back… for sure.
Clamato – 80 rue de Charonne – 75011 Paris

flamed yellow colliflower

salad of mais and flageolets


goose neck barnacles

dorade with raspberries

bonito with goat cheese and cucumber

mackerel with breadcrumbs


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