Is Pizzarium the best Roman Pizza? – Rome

Many say the pizzas at Pizzarium from Gabriele Bonci are the best you can find. What do you think? We are still hesitating between this place and the more traditional pizzas at Forno Campo de’ Fiori . We went for both and we think you should too. Go to Forno for a taste of pure roman pizza tradition and go to Pizzarium if you want the modern version. Expect lines, a long walk since it’s outside of the city center and sharing a standing table but it’s still an absolute must-go! The menu changes constantly, even during the day it can change. The secret of it’s succes , we think, is the quality of the dough and the inventive topping pairings.

Address: Via della Meloria 43, Roma, Italy

Website: but the most info can be found on Gabriele Bonci’s Facebook Page.


Hungry locals taking their lunch
so much choice so much new styles and new things to try out




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